Smile Transformations

Life-changing results.

Real Results From Actual Patients

Use the slider bar on the images below to reveal real smile transformations from a few of our patients. Dr. Brito specializes in delivering healthy and confident smiles at a comfortable price. Give us a call at (617) 766-8496 to see how you can get the smile of your dreams today!

1-Before 1-After
2B 2-After
3-Before 3-After
4-Before 4-After
5-Before 5A
6-Before 6-After
7-Before 7-After
8-Before 8-After
9-Before 9A
10-Before 10-After
11-Before 11-After
12-Before 12-After
13-Before 13-After
14-Before 14-After
15-Before 15-After
16-Before 16-After
17-Before 17-After
18-Before 18-After
19-Before 19-After
20-Before 20-After
21-Before (veneers) 21-After (veneers)
22-Before 22-After