Invisalign® Treatment in South Boston

invisalignDr. Brito is pleased to offer Invisalign® as an in-office option for patients seeking orthodontic treatment without traditional brackets and wires. Invisalign® uses clear aligners to move teeth into proper position more discreetly. This is a great option for adults who are 

not wanting to be in metal braces, but who want to correct minor issues with:

  •        Teeth crowding
  •        Gaps
  •        Over- and underbites

As a bonus, patients in Invisalign aligners do not have any restrictions on the types of foods they can eat.

Certified Invisalign Experts

Invisalign Provider in Boston

Dr. Brito is a certified expert in Invisalign treatment and has provided treatment for countless patients. Beyond his official Invisalign training, his staff is also well-prepared to assist you on your journey to a straighter smile. It is always recommended that you see a certified dental specialist before beginning any clear aligner treatment. Dr. Brito has been trained to look for problems that may come up during the treatment period and will be able to take highly accurate scans of your current dental status.


The Invisalign® system includes the latest technology to digitally scan your teeth without needing traditional impressions. We work with the computer-guided system to create the necessary series of trays to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Discreet Treatment

While the aligners need to be worn for up to 22 hours per day, they are barely noticeable to others. Patients remove the aligners to eat, brush, and floss. Otherwise, they should be worn around the clock. The length of your treatment will depend heavily on your specific needs. We can discuss how many sets of trays we believe you will need when we complete your complimentary consultation and initial models.

Complete Support

We will monitor your progress throughout your treatment. You will wear each set of aligners for approximately two weeks, and then move to the next set. Our team is here to make sure each successive tray gets you closer to your end goal.

Beyond Aesthetics

Everyone wants a great-looking smile. But beyond the benefits of feeling good about your smile are the benefits of proper teeth alignment. Many chronic issues with teeth grinding, snoring, headaches, and even more serious health conditions can be traced back to orthodontic problems. Jaw pain, chronic fatigue, and worn teeth can become part of your past by correcting your bite and alignment now. Total health often begins with the mouth. Brito Family Dental is here to work with you to achieve your oral health goals. Contact our office to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can see if there are improvements we can help you make.

What Our Patient Says

"Dr. Brito is a FANTASTIC dentist! Excellent clinical skills and great bedside manner. Highly recommend!" - Lauren