Dental Fillings in Our Boston Practice

Healthy SmileDental fillings help fix teeth that have decay or cavities back to their normal function and appearance. Dr. Brito can also use bonding or white composite resin fillings to slightly alter the shape and color of your teeth.

There are two types of fillings: white composite or resin-bonded fillings, and amalgam or metal fillings. Each type has its own indications for usage. For each patient and each tooth, Dr. Brito will recommend which type of filling he will use.

Benefits of Tooth Fillings

If teeth with decay or cavities are not treated with fillings or a crown, the patient will experience tooth pain and potentially loss of that tooth. Treating cavities while they are small is much less expensive and less painful than waiting until you have tooth pain!

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What Our Patient Says

"The best Dentist in the business very friendly and makes you feel comfortable and you leave there with a great smile not only because your teeth look great but also because Dr. Brito makes you feel like family !!!" - Anthony