Porcelain Dental Crowns

Tooth Caps in Our South Boston Office

Happy Smiling PatientDr. Brito recommends a dental crown when:

  • a tooth is severely weakened because of a large hole (due to tooth decay and cavity),
  • a tooth is cracked or displays symptoms of a crack,
  • a tooth has previous root canal treatment,
  • there is a need to change the shape or color of teeth, or
  • a tooth has a previous large filling with or without new decay.

When the hole from a cavity or previous root canal treatment is too big for just a filling, a crown is indicated. Sometimes teeth with large fillings, especially large metal/ amalgam fillings, require crowns because the filling material acts likes a wedge and causes the tooth to break in a non-salvageable way.

Also after a root canal, a crown may be indicated because the tooth can become very brittle. If the tooth does crack, it can lead to more discomfort and tooth pain, and it potentially become a more costly treatment to replace the tooth.

Crowns can prevent future cracking and loss of teeth by not letting the crack enlarge. A crown or porcelain cap is cemented on top of your tooth to strengthen it, restore it to the natural shape, color, and improve your smile.

Dental Crown Process

It takes two appointments to make a crown. During the first appointment, the tooth will be gently shaped, an impression will be taken, and you will leave with a temporary tooth that looks exactly like the final crown. A couple days later, if the crown looks and fits to your and Dr. Brito’s standards, we will cement it with permanent cement. Dr. Brito uses the best local lab to make his crowns to ensure the highest quality and quick turnaround times. He uses the newest technology cement to make sure his restorations last forever.

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What Our Patient Says

"The best Dentist in the business very friendly and makes you feel comfortable and you leave there with a great smile not only because your teeth look great but also because Dr. Brito makes you feel like family !!!" - Anthony